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Creating Reality, Truly Inspirational 10-13-4

New Renaissance 11-2-4

Mud Baths 11-18-4

Changes 11-18-4

Rambles 12-6-4

Practicality 1-7-5

Connected 2-10-5

Value 3-9-5

Everything 5-2-5

Health 5-2-5

Identity 5-2-5

Tips 5-6-5

Enjoy Here 6-3-5

Doing 8-12-5

Float 8-12-5

This Moment 12-30-3 Poem

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Beth Shearon

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Articles from the 'past'

Most of these are articles I had written for my old web site and/or for the local newsletter of the spiritual study group I was involved with at the time, dealing with expansion of consciousness, deliberate creation, and perspectives.

Repeatedly I am 'shown' the interconnectedness of all, that if we back up far enough or go within enough we are connected to everything and everyone. We are individuals ever changing and growing, but we are also connected to everything else.

where is here here here?

who are you you you?