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ICMOR   ~   I Create My Own Reality   ~   I (eye) see more

The Fine Art of creating reality, expansion of consciousness, broadening the definition of who we are and what we are capable of, perception/ perspectives, new thought, spirituality, a bit of quantum physics...

my twisted forks

Intention, vibration, beliefs/definitions--
how do we really expect things to be? Behavior, emotion, all of these things influence not only how we see our experience, but which versions of things are actually happening for us.

Endless waves of light are dancing in orchestration, condensing into particles each moment for each of our individual, unique experiences. Synchronicity aligns common threads, and inspiration pulls in new potentials.

These metaphysical meanderings are split into three groupings, the ICMOR section you see before you, the Spark of Creativity archives, and the Reality Tweakers archives. They are not intended to be expert advice nor the be-all end-all of deliberate creating, but sharings from someone who has been exploring this arena since about 2000. Suggestion to follow your impulses, listen to what calls to you, and as always, feel free to flush.

Bashar recently reminded us this is physics, not metaphysics; it is normal, not paranormal-- but I have not gotten around to rewriting the entire site. :p

"When you follow your bliss... doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else." -- Joseph Campbell, US folklorist & expert on mythology (1904 - 1987)

One would think that would be an easy enough idea. Are you following your bliss, your excitement, your contentment, your joy?


An aside for the critical: this material resonates so much for me, but I don't recall ever saying I was aces at deliberate implementation. I've done some stuff. I've also been tremendously frustrated and sometimes felt a lot of resentment (so have many others). I heard a clip the other day which said resentment is a normal response. Who knew? Evidently when we hear we are that good, all the things we believe to be not that great about ourselves holler out, and (!) this is normal. I lost track of how many times this has happened to me.

So, haters gon' hate, but there I said it out loud. again. There are plenty of things people could criticize about me and my life, but I do not pretend to know all the answers and I certainly don't have all the money. :p I share about material and ideas which sing to me. If they sing to you also, awesome. :)


The possibilities of an Uber-Playground: Sumari Living Arts Center


There's a neat example I see all the time in the studio that relates to how we often act-- a moth or fly or or other little being is sitting on the window, attracted to the light, wanting to get outside. There is a crack in the door just two feet away and oftentimes the fan window will also be open with a direct exit opportunity, but there they sit on the window that doesn't open. Sometimes we can get so stuck on the way we think we need to go to get where we want to be, that we forget to look around and see if there is a better path.
best wishes and good journeys,


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Reality Tweakers
Information and links posted to the online portion of the Reality Tweakers group, a deliberate creation group that started meeting in person in Enid, Oklahoma in 2004. Snippets can be found from leaders in the spiritual, new thought and scientific arenas as well as my own work and that from like-minded writers on the web-- Bashar, Seth, Elias, Abraham, Fred Alan Wolf, Neils Bohr, Richard Bach, Notes from the Universe, etc and there is much, much more to come.

Spark of Creativity Archives
Most of these are articles I had written for my old web site and/or for the local newsletter of the spiritual study group I was involved with at the time, dealing with expansion of consciousness, deliberate creation, and perspectives.