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archived intro

rt1, April 2004

beginning deliberate creation,
  May 2004

rt2, May 1-11 2004

eyesight, May 1 2004

dis-ease, May 3 2004

Conversations with God excerpt
  and comment, May 5-12 2004

rt3, May 11-31 2004


expanded journey

2004 Beth Shearon

Reality Tweakers:

A Deliberate Creation Community

Information and links posted to the online portion of the Reality Tweakers group, a deliberate creation group that met weekly in person in Enid, Oklahoma in 2004. Snippets can be found from leaders in the spiritual, new thought, and scientific arenas as well as my own work and that from like-minded writers linked on the web-- Bashar, Seth, Elias, Abraham, Fred Alan Wolf, Neils Bohr, Richard Bach, Notes from the Universe, etc. and there is much more to come.

Articles/ pages are listed in the menu in mostly linear time order.

This archive site is omitting large chunks of personal discussion because my intention here is not to air everyone's personal business -- what I'm offering here are snippets of information that were helpful at the time, as well as some of my own ponderings. If other people from the group want to offer up their own stuff, that's great-- maybe it will be added as time goes by.